Your Mental Health Matters

Your Mental Health Matters

We can all take little steps to make us feel a bit better…. it doesn’t have to be big nor radical, just making small changes tin our daily lives can make the world of difference. So what are these things? Read more about tips and ideas (that are evidence based) here…

👣 Get closer to nature – tune in to it all by taking a walk, do some gardening, or how about some forest bathing?

👣 Understand & Manage feelings- easier said than done eh?! Name your feelings, share problems, don’t judge your feelings!

👣 Talk kindly to yourself- as you would to your friends, family and other. You deserve your respect! Journaling, gratitude list (3 things a day), positive affirmations….they could all help 🧡

👣 Seek support from someone you trust.

👣 Get more from your sleep – think about your sleep hygiene as well. 

👣 Helping others can lift our moods and strengthens connections significantly.

👣 Eat healthy when possible

👣 Keep moving

👣 Plan things to do

👣 Be curious and open minded to new experiences.

👣 Book some self care time- Reflexology is the best 😉

Rwyt ti’n HYNOD bwysig. Ac mae rhoi dy hun cyntaf yn oce! Mae lot o tips a syniadau uchod ar sut allwn i gyd wella ein Iechyd Meddwl a Lles. OND, y peth pwysica, er hyn i gyd, yw i beidio rhoi pwysa ar dy hun. Jest ‘gna be ti’n gallu, a beth sy’n dod a ‘joy’ iti! 

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